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  1. Listing a product and product description.
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Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

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  2. Disclaimer of warranties

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Digital realities (SAS) is Simplified joint stock company based in 45 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris, France who provides, via ​​ (also, “us”, “we”, “our” ) a specialized online marketplace where land surveying instruments are bought and sold: this platform links​ buyers​​ (someone who wants to buy a new or used land surveying instrument online) and ​sellers​​ (someone who wants to sell his/her new or used land surveying instrument online) of land surveying equipment from all around the world.

Once an instrument is sold, we take care of all the logistics from picking up the instrument to delivering it to the buyer.

All instruments will be inspected and certified at our partners’ specialized workshops prior to delivery: an instrument that is not certified will not be delivered and will be returned to the seller. in this case, the seller will have to pay the shipping fee (link to shipping section) and the buyer is refunded (link to refund section).

Once a seller lists his/her instrument, it becomes visible to all website users worldwide. the seller can add the “negotiate the price” option to any of his/her listed products by opting in to that option while adding their product. in this case, the buyer can make an offer which the seller can accept or counter, this process ends when the buyer and seller agree on new terms or decide to stop negotiating.

On the other hand, if a buyer can’t find the instrument he/she is looking for, it can be added to their wish list. once added, it will be visible on our website and an alert email will be sent to all known sellers of similar instruments so that they can make an offer. the buyer has the right to accept, reject or counter they sellers’ offers.

About our terms and conditions

  • This page, in addition to the privacy and cookies policy, includes the general terms and conditions of the website ​​,
  • The following terms and conditions, in addition to the privacy and cookies policy, are the only agreement between you and digital realities SAS while using
  • By using and/or accessing our website, you certify that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of our terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please do not use and/or access the website.
  • Occasionally, we may update our terms and conditions. However, we may not notify you every time we do so. You are responsible for reviewing them from time to time.
  • To accept our terms and condition, we require you to be at least 18 of age. In case you are using our platform and accepting all of our terms and conditions on the behalf of another person or entity, you must be legally authorized to represent this person or entity.
  • Our terms and conditions are written in English and maybe translated to other languages for accommodation purposes only. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and any other translation, English shall be the governing and prevailing version.

  • Privacy and Cookies policy

    Kindly refer to our Privacy and Cookies Policy section

    Intellectual property rights and protection

    1. Trademarks (logo, domain, phrase)
    2. Copyrights (TCs)
    3. Intellectual property claim

    Conduct / Behavior

    At all times, Topotrade users must remain anonymous.
    Topotrade users can interact with each other via our message service, however, they cannot at any time reveal any identifying information (such as, without limitation, name, address, email, phone number) to each other. E​ach interaction and potential transaction between a buyer and a seller must be done through Topotrade who will act as an intermediary between the two parties. ​To use and/ or access our website properly, all users must comply with these rules and not share any identifying information with another user whatsoever. If any user fails to respect these guidelines, sanctions (such as terminating your use of the website, deleting your account may apply.

    Having an account

    To benefit from some of our website’s features, you may be asked to create an account. You may also be asked to enter some personal information to which our privacy policy applies.

    You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, this includes your username, your password, in addition to any other related account information. You also agree to be held responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

    Content (Including without limitation feedbacks, comments, product descriptions)
    1. You agree not to

      1. Reveal identifying information related to yourself or to others.
      2. Post unlawful content
      3. Post content with intellectual property rights unless you are the owner of such rights
      4. Post harmful, abusive, sexual, harassing, degrading and intimidating content
      5. Post any sort of misleading or false information

    2. If you were found to be in non-compliance with the regulations above, we reserve the right to remove any content uploaded by you.

    3. You agree to

      Give us a non-exclusive right to use, adapt and display, unless we indicate otherwise, the content you enter for social media and communication purposes.

    Quality control and inspection

    Whenever a buyer places his order and pays for the product he would like to purchase, we pick the product from the seller and send it to a specialized workshop for a full quality control.
    You agree that only our specialized workshop can determine the quality of your product. after the inspection, a full report is sent to both parties.
    1. If the product is certified
    2. The product is shipped to the buyer at his own cost

    3. If the product is not certified
    4. The seller has two options:
      1. The seller agrees to fix the product at his own cost and after that the product is shipped to the buyer who takes care of all the shipping fees.
      2. The seller refuses to fix his product. In this case, the seller agrees to pay all the shipping fees (from his address to the workshop and from the workshop back to his address) and the buyer gets a full refund.

    Selling on

    1. Listing a product and product description.
      1. Once a seller creates an account, he has the option to list a product
      2. Every product listed must be associated with a picture and a reliable description that we review before displaying it on our website.
      3. We attempt to be as accurate as possible; however, we do not guarantee that the displayed descriptions are accurate, complete, current and error free.

    2. Remove a product
    3. At any time, a buyer can decide to remove his product from our website as long as no purchase is being processed.

    4. Pricing
      1. Price: Every seller is free to determine the price of his product. ​W​e may suggest a price based on information we have but the seller has no obligation to take our advice into consideration.
      2. Every seller can edit the price of the product as long as no purchase is being processed.

    5. Currency
      1. Every seller can choose the currency he wants (for example and without limitation, USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, INR, AED)
      2. However, a seller doesn’t have the ability to update the currency he initially chose as exchange rates change.

    6. Receiving the payment
    7. The seller only receives the payment when the product is certified

    Buying on

    1. Order:
      1. Ordering your product: After the buyer submits his order, we’ll wait for his payment. Once the payment is accepted, we’ll process the order.
      2. In case the buyer submits his order but delays the payment, another interested client can still purchase the same product.
      3. All orders are subject to availability of stock.
    2. Pricing
      1. The seller may in his sole discretion change the price of his product without notice, this may affect the displayed price of the product.
      2. We do not provide price protection or refunds in case of a price drop or promotional offering.
    3. Paying
      1. Payment amount: The buyer agrees to pay the cost of the products as determined by the seller, the 20% commission, along with delivery charges, additional taxes and governmental fees that differ from a country to another.
      2. The payment must be done all at once regardless of the amount or else the order will not be processed.
      3. Payment methods:
        • In case you’re paying by credit card: The buyer will be required to provide our third-party payment processor with valid payment information. The buyer also authorizes the third-party payment processor to use the information you entered and in order to process your payment. The buyer also agrees that his use of these third-party payment processors is subject to their terms and conditions, therefore, digital realities SAS cannot be held responsible or liable for any activity made through a third party.
        • In case you are paying by bank transfer: The buyer agrees to pay all the bank transfers fees in addition to the final cost that includes what we mentioned in the section above.
    4. Refund policy
      We do not offer the buyer the possibility to get his money refunded UNLESS the product is not certified by our specialized workshop


    All our prices are EXW (Ex Works). However, upon our customers’ request, we can ship DAP (door at place excluding import taxes and customs). What we provide is an estimated shipping date, however it is not a guarantee. We’ll ship your order to the shipping address you enter, we are not responsible for any of the information you submit and we have no obligation in correcting what you write in the shipping address section.

    Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability
    1. Limitation of liability
      1. You expressly agree that your use of our website is at your sole risk.
      2. You agree not to hold us responsible for damages of any kind arising from the use of our website
      3.​ may provide links to third-party websites operated by other entities other than digital realities SAS in case you decide to visit any of these links, you do so at your own risk. we assume no responsibility for anything that is displayed, used and done by these websites.

    2. Disclaimer of warranties
      You understand and agree that the service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, unless otherwise specified in writing.

    Governing law and dispute resolution

    By using you agree that the French law, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these terms and conditions in addition to any dispute that might arise between you and Digital realities SAS.

    Digital Realties SAS – 45 Avenue de la République – 75011 Paris - France