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Sell Your Equipment
1. Free listing
We give you the ability to list your equipment within few clicks away.
Become a Seller
2. Keep your equipment until sold!
The seller keeps their equipment with them until the sale is confirmed. We do not take anything from the seller prior selling point.
3. We handle everything!
Seller or Buyer deals with only!
We provide you with all the after sale support or customer service needed.
4. Global network
Your listed equipment will benefit from our global network and worldwide visibility.
Benefit from it now !
5. Sell or Rent
Sellers can either sell or rent their equipment.
Benefit from it now !
6. Seller controls pricing
The seller controls the price at all times, he can edit the pricing all along the process if negotiation are in process.
Benefit from it now !
7. Sellers control the price
Sellers are paid via wire-transfer within 7 days after the equipment has been inspected and validated by our team of experts. Benefit from it now !