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Online customer support
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What do we really do?
In this digital Era, we gather from all around the world, accurate equipment that provide dedicated precision and data collection to all professionals in the surveying and engineering fields.
Unlike any generic marketplace, www.topotrade.com is the first online platform specially designed for all professionals around the world.

Our mission is to make the life of land surveyors easier, by matching demand and offer for geospatial equipment through this platform.

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What do we provide
Quality guarantee
Each equipment from all categories and brands are inspected and certified by our team of professionals prior to delivery.
Secure payments
our platform offers no risk of fraudulent payments for both parties. All transactions are made between www.topotrade.com and the buyer/seller. We are the direct contact point to settle any payment, be it payment from the buyer or payment to the seller.
Customer support
Contact us at any time and one of our agents will be happy to assist you!
Anti-Fraud & Anti-Theft
All registered sellers must provide verification documents for every listed equipment on www.topotrade.com . Once inspection and certification are validated by our team of professionals, sellers can start selling on our marketplace.
Worldwide delivery
Wherever you are in the world, we'll deliver any land surveying material you need though our partnership with DHL Express courier.
Topotrade.com Trusted Sellers
Become a seller
We certify all our registered sellers before authorizing their listing on www.topotrade.com

Topotrade.com is committed to ethical behavior and to act at all times with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, accountability, and propriety.
It is amongst its first priorities to establish strict guidelines abiding by the anti-fraud and anti-theft rules and regulations, in order to guaranty the liability and validity of each equipment. We have place strict procedures to prevent any fraudulent/stolen equipment from being listed on www.topotrade.com .
Trusted sellers by asking for company documents
Proof of ownership from new customers
Serial number of every instrument which is compared with the manufacturer database
For every land surveying equipment, we require the Model Number and Serial number. We run the information through the manufacturer's database allowing us to block any fraudulent/stolen equipment and detect discrepancies in the instrument description.
If the verification is not possible, we ask for a proof of ownership.
Any suspect equipment will be immediately blocked from being listed on www.topotrade.com.
Quality Guarantee
Only verified users are allowed to list their equipment for sale. To avoid fake accounts and fraudulent users we have put multiple processes in place, supported also by technology that prevents bots from creating accounts. We also investigate all new potential-sellers and request all necessary documents to validate their identity
Inspection and Certification
When an order is placed, we pick up the equipment and send it for a physical inspection where our inspection center makes sure you get exactly what you ordered. (undeclared damages, list of accessories, Serial Number). We follow strict procedures to prevent and fraudulent/stolen equipment to ever be listed on www.topotrade.com as per our Trusted sellers rules and regulations.
1. Serial Number and article number :
Once the equipment reaches our inspection center, we initially verify its serial number and article number, making sure all items match the description provided by the seller.
2. Inventory of accessories :
We then examine if the accessories list provided by the seller is accurate and that each item is available as per description.
3. Functions :
We inspect the functionality of the equipment and to make sure it's in working condition.
4. Cleaning & Packaging :
Once all the above steps are validated, we clean the items before wrapping and packaging them robustly to proceed to the shipping step and delivery to the customer.
For more details about our inspection and certification process, please feel free to get in touch with our team.
Worldwide Delivery
We are now in more than 60 countries!
Wherever you are in the world, we'll deliver any land surveying material you need though our partnership with DHL Express courier.
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